make your moving day less stressful
13 October, 2021

What To Do To Make A Stressful Moving Day Less Stressful

There's little more anxiety provoking than a stressful moving day. The very best moving company employees play somewhat of a double role. Aside from their regular jobs, they also have the role of therapist to customers who are going through…

A white glove move is surprisingly affordable
29 September, 2021

A Step By Step Guide For What A ‘White Glove’ Move Looks Like

The vast majority of callers to Ace Moving have one question: How much will the move cost? That answer varies, depending on how big your home is and how chock full of stuff it is. What many of our callers…

06 September, 2021

What To Do When You Have To Wait To Move Into Your New Place

While the real estate market might be showing some signs of slowing down, here in California and in our neighboring states, it's still pretty crazy. It's far from unheard of for people to sell their home faster than they can…

empty cardboard boxes in a row
22 August, 2021

Why Doing Your Own Packing Might Not Save You Money

Ask nearly anyone, including us, how you can save money on your move, and the first answer will almost always be "pack yourself." In a perfect world, you will save money by packing yourself, but you might want to ask…

Newark, California movers
15 July, 2021

How To Buy A House, Even When It Seems Like You Can’t

If you're anything like me, you've been nearly obsessed with sites like, hoping that miracle of miracles, the perfect affordable house would stay on the market long enough for you to snatch it up. Last month, California real estate…

11 June, 2021

Things you should get rid of before your move

At Ace Moving, we like to think of ourselves as a bit different from most moving companies. Rather than get the quick buck, we know that the best way to build a business is with great customer service. Part of…

11 June, 2021

What your moving company needs to know to give you an accurate moving estimate

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in ways we may not know for a long time, but thanks to technology, moving companies and customers have both embraced the idea of a virtual moving estimate. Not only does a virtual…

09 May, 2021

How to cool a house without air conditioning

In the days when most Bay Area homes were built, most were built without air conditioning. They didn't need it. Back then, the Bay Area averaged about five days of temperatures over 85 degrees. Now we have 15 - 30…

moving home
09 May, 2021

How to find a home in a hot real estate market

In the early months of the pandemic, it seemed the world ground to a screeching halt. Since moving companies were considered essential, Ace Moving stayed open, but things were slow. Today, things are completely different, but we've noticed another trend.…

moving estimate
25 March, 2021

How to Get an Accurate Moving Estimate

Featured image via Pixabay When it comes to hiring a moving company, one of the biggest fears is that people will end up paying a lot more money than what they were quoted. Unfortunately that happens with many moving companies.…

04 February, 2021

What’s the Deal with Moving Insurance?

One of the most confusing part of moving, to any customer, is insurance. It seems logical that a moving company would automatically cover all belongings during a move. Unfortunately, that's only sort of the case. Does my mover provide insurance?…

07 December, 2020

Why Moving Yourself Might Not Save You as Much Money as You Think

If you ever find yourself at a dinner party where the conversation lags, bring up the topic of moving. Specifically, bring up the nearly universal experience of moving yourself. Talk about the truck rental, recruiting a few friends to load…

DMV Registration
03 December, 2020

How To Change Your DMV Registration In California

In our year of COVID, it might seem like life has come to a screeching halt, and you might not drive much anymore, but life does go on, and there are certain periodic chores that are more confusing than ever.…

moving with pets
30 November, 2020

Moving with Dogs and Cats: How to Take the Stress off You and Them

[caption id="attachment_4527" align="alignnone" width="640"] Featured image via pxfuel[/caption] Moving with dogs and cats adds a whole new layer of stress. Here's how to do it right: If you're like the majority of Americans, you have at least one pet, and…

23 November, 2020

How to Painlessly Purge Unneeded Stuff Before Moving

Featured image via pxfuel Perhaps one of the best things about moving is that it's an opportunity to purge things from your life that are simply not working for you. Letting go can be tough, and it's easy to suddenly…

move during covid
16 November, 2020

What to Look for in an Apartment in the Age of COVID

[caption id="attachment_4518" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Featured image via Pixabay[/caption] In a matter of months, the age of COVID has changed the world in ways that were incomprehensible less than a year ago. Today's cellphones offer facial recognition software which is rendered…

08 November, 2020

Rainy Day Moving – How to Protect Your Home and Possessions

Years ago, Alanis Morissette sang about the irony of rain on a wedding day. While we wouldn't call that irony, exactly, it would be a pretty miserable situation. In the Bay Area, you can avoid rainy weddings by holding them…

packing moving kids
29 October, 2020

How To Pack For Your Move Without Neglecting Your Kids

Moving during a pandemic has its ups and downs. If you’re working from home, you probably think packing is going to be a breeze, until you remember that the kids are also home all day. How do you pack and…

ace moving storage
29 October, 2020

How Does the State of California Regulate Movers?

To hear some people talk, you’d think moving was like the Wild West. Even with the proper due diligence, choosing an honest mover is like choosing an honest politician. They exist, but they’re not always easy to find. There are…

12 October, 2020

How COVID is Changing the Bay Area Real Estate Market

We are about ¾ the way through 2020 and through all the insanity, the most defining characteristic is COVID-19, the pandemic that’s brought the entire world to a near halt. You wouldn’t know it, though, if you were judging by…

Plan Moving Day
05 October, 2020

How To Plan For Moving Day

You found your new home. You have hired a mover. You’ve been packing for what feels like an eternity. Ironically, though, one of the most neglected parts of the moving process is the moving day itself. You can save a…

Ace moving truck
30 September, 2020

How Many Types of Residential Moves are There?

Whether you’re moving around the corner or around the corners of the world, there are a lot of similarities. Every item you own should be securely packed or wrapped, and then lifted into a container. At delivery time, everything is…

21 September, 2020

Five Things You Think Will Save You A Lot Of Money On Your Move, But Won’t

And what to do instead Between down payments, deposits, school tuitions, new furniture, etc, moving is expensive. We get it. A lot of our customers are on a budget and they’re looking for creative ways to save money on their…