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Get Yourself a Reliable & Trustworthy Mover

In your search for a long-distance mover, you might notice that virtually every mover brands themselves as “full-service,” which means they try to do everything. Unfortunately in most cases, that means subcontracting. That’s right, when you move long-distance, you’re probably dealing with more than one company: the company that books the job and the one that actually moves you. At Ace Moving, we’re with you from start to finish. We’ll pack you, we’ll pick up your move and we’ll deliver you. Not very many companies can say that.

How does Ace Moving work?

We use the standard moving services that have been used for decades. We are a small company, but we know what we’re doing, and we have a track record of getting jobs done on time and within your budget. Our experienced packers will put together all the pieces and help you pack in the most efficient manner possible. Your things will arrive in the best shape possible, because they’ll be packed tightly. The only thing we can’t handle is dealing with your insurance. We can take the keys from the dealer and have them deliver your car to the local dump, but that’s about all. We can’t help with the actual driving or scheduling. That’s what your insurance company is for. It’s their job to do that.

What are the benefits of using Ace Moving for your long distance move?

We’re a full-service mover. That means we can pack your things, we can put your things in storage, and we can deliver you all at one time. No more messy moving days or being double charged for the same weight twice. We can be at your door in just 4 hours or less.

With Ace Moving, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a company that’s not only reputable, but also trustworthy. We know how to be in and out of your home within 2 hours or less. You don’t want to be spending all day at your house. So we have trailers that will arrive and leave within a 1 hour window. You won’t have to sit there bored or stuck in traffic for hours. You have the option to get your whole move boxed and labeled at Ace Moving.

Keeping it Simple

Moving Destinations

We cover the areas that we can service without outsourcing, which means the entire State of California and our neighboring states of Oregon, Nevada and Arizona.

No Subcontracting, Less Wait

Professional Movers

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t move you with a shared semi-truck that can hold three or more households worth of items. That means the time between pick-up and delivery is much shorter.

Nothing Hidden

Fair Pricing

Since our number one goal at Ace Moving is to become a Bay Area staple, we consider it bad business to mislead customers with hidden charges. We want you to refer your friends to us and if you move within our service areas again, we’d love to see you again.


Top Movers

Each of our movers has years of experience and each goes through a rigorous hiring and training process. Our movers respect you, your home and everything you own