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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about relocating to a new place within California? Between de-cluttering, packing, loading, and transporting all your belongings, even the thought of local or long-distance moving can send chills down your spine. But there’s a way to save yourself from the hassle and stress of relocation. All you have to do is assess different California movers and find the right moving company that fits your needs.

moving process
The moving process in progress

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If you’re looking for reliable and trusted San Francisco or California movers who know what they’re doing, we’ve got you covered. At Ace Moving, we pride ourselves on being one of the most reputed moving companies in California. If you’re planning to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area, our moving company is well-equipped to handhold you through the entire process.

But we understand that you wouldn’t want to take our word for it. Read on to find out what makes our company a top contender among Bay Area and California movers.

The charm of San Francisco, California

Located on the picturesque West Coast, San Francisco is one of the most magical cities in the world, which is why we call the San Francisco Bay Area our home and home to our moving company. We aren’t alone. San Francisco’s beauty and its reputation as the tech hub of the world have made it one of the most desirable cities in the world and one of the most popular cities for local and long-distance moving.

Golden Gate
Golden Gate, San Francisco, California, USA.

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Why do people move to San Francisco, California?

There’s a reason why San Francisco is widely regarded as the commercial and financial hub of California. The city has one of the highest income levels in the country. It also has some of the highest rents and housing prices in the country, if not the world. San Francisco’s wealth extends far beyond the material, though.

Not only is the city sandwiched between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. It’s also an easy drive to the Sierras, Los Angeles, Yosemite National Park, Wine Country, and the Redwood Forests, not to mention that on its borders are some of the most iconic bridges in the world. Did we mention we love San Francisco?

The other thing we love about San Francisco is the people. We find San Franciscans to be down-to-earth, highly educated, and a treat to work with. More and more, San Franciscans are saying the same about us. They love us because we’re a small, truly local moving company. We live here. We work here. Happy customers are the key to our business’s success. Instead of expensive marketing campaigns like many San Francisco movers, we strive to build our company through repeat business and referrals.

Why is Ace Moving one of the best moving companies within California?

acemoving work
For San Francisco Bay Area residents, every minute, every hour counts. They rely on us as a professional full-service moving company. Our packing services save residents both time and money. Our unpacking services provide a near-seamless moving experience. This is what makes us your go-to destination for moving within California.

Like San Francisco, we pack a lot into our small size. We don’t want to be a big soulless company. We want to stay local, which means we offer moving and storage services in California and our neighboring states of Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona. We vow to hold our heads high when we meet our customers around town, which means we have to offer the best possible experience.

We get that moving companies have taken a bit of a hit in the media in recent years, often for good reasons. Some local and long-distance movers in California offer haphazard service. Some are too big to care about any individual customer, and the worst ones are dishonest.

Packed household goods for moving into new house
Packed household goods for moving into new house
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At Ace Moving, we know we can’t single-handedly change the reputation of the moving industry, but we can set ourselves apart from other companies by offering the best moving and storage services possible.

From sorting and packing all your belongings to safely transporting them to your new place – we handhold you through the entire rigmarole of an impending move. And we focus on delivering top-notch services to every customer.

How should you select the right San Francisco and California movers?

If you’re like most people, you’ll run a quick Google search for San Francisco or California moving companies. But the endless list of professional local and long-distance moving services will leave you spoilt for choice. How do you know which one of those self-proclaimed top relocation and storage services is the best for moving within California?

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you start looking for San Francisco or California movers.

Request for referrals

Start by spreading the word about your upcoming relocation. Instead of relying on the internet, ask a friend, relative, or coworker whether they know about any reliable professional Bay Area or California movers. Even if you don’t find too many leads, the ones you do get would be more trustworthy.

Ask for testimonials

Once you’ve got a handful of leads, it’s time to contact them. To begin with, check their website to find out their phone number, office address, company history, and other details. Also, find out whether the website has any information about the company’s existing customers.

Next, get in touch with the company and discuss your requirements. This is also a good time to ask them for testimonials or references of customers they’ve previously worked with. Don’t forget to check their customer reviews and find out whether they’re worth their salt.

Get a free quote

Once you’ve shortlisted a few credible options, it’s time to ask for a free quote. Compare the cost estimate from different companies and carefully evaluate the inclusions. Find out whether the quote includes end-to-end moving services. Also, check the payment and service terms, as well as the cancellation policy.

Verify credentials

Irrespective of the California movers you select, you want to make sure that their company is licensed and insured. The last thing you want is to hire a moving company that isn’t licensed or accredited. Don’t hesitate to ask them for relevant documentation.

How is Ace Moving the better San Francisco Bay Area & California moving company?

Here’s what sets our company apart from other moving services:

Skilled & Trained Professionals

At Ace Moving, each mover is thoroughly screened before they’re hired. Our movers are put through rigorous training. First, they learn to load a moving truck. Once they perfect that science, they move on to wrapping furniture and then eventually, packing. No mover is promoted until they’ve mastered their skills.

Trained Professionals
Packed household goods for moving into new house

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Safe and reliable services

Other than providing overall excellent moving service, our top priority is safety. That means we take all precautions to keep your belongings and your home safe from dirt, dings, and scuff marks. In the age of Covid-19, all our movers wear masks and gloves and social distance from customers. If a mover has even a sniffle, they are required to stay home.

Customized San Francisco, CA moving services
We go beyond that, though. We know that no two moves are alike and no two customers have the same priorities. Times are tough right now so we know that for many, their top priority is finding a cheap mover. While we aren’t cheap, we are always cost-competitive and can offer free cost-saving moving tips while still providing the five-star service Ace Moving customers have come to expect.

Value for money California movers
If you are like many San Franciscans and time is your most valuable commodity, let us take most of the moving chores off your shoulders. We can pack you up and get you settled in your new place for a lot less money than you might think, and think of all the time we’ll save you.

Or, if you’re somewhere in the middle, we can help you with that too. Let us pack all the difficult items, like your breakables and your kitchen.

How is Ace Moving always prepared for any local and long-distance relocation?

Sometimes the unexpected happens. Maybe you didn’t get as much done as you thought. No worries. Our trucks are equipped with nearly everything you might need. We offer free use of wardrobe boxes, so your clothing will never have to leave its hangers. We have boxes, dollies, and plenty of materials to wrap your furniture. If you have something especially bulky, such as a piano or a large safe, just let us know and we’ll take care of it.

Do you still have more questions about our company and services? Contact us today to get a free quote and address any queries you might have about our moving services. We think you’ll see what we mean when we say we’re one of the go-to California moving companies.

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