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When you’re ready to move, let Santa Clara CA’s top movers help you take the weight off your shoulders. Our moving services are reliable and affordable, so you can pack up and leave with ease. From packing and shipping to loading and unloading, our Santa Cara movers will take care of everything for you. Contact Ace Moving today to get started and get an estimated cost!

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Why Ace Moving For Your Move?

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We Care

Some items need special handling, but most don’t. With Ace Moving, we know that each of those items has a history. The end tables passed down from your grandparents might not be worth a lot, but they’re worth much to you. The masterpiece painted by your five-year-old daughter might have no monetary value, but to you it’s priceless. Our local movers got your move whether it is a new house, apartment, local move, or even long-distance moving.

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Spotless, Secure

If your home is being visited before it’s sold, or if you just need a place to store your items for a short or long while, our storage is clean, dry, and very secure. Unlike with self-storage companies, you only pay for the space you use. Oh, and you don’t have to do any of the heavy liftings. Leave it all to our movers in Santa Clara.

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Save time, save money

Ace Movers offers full packing services, which, if you consider the value of your own time, can save you a lot of money and time. We offer full unpacking services, which means you won’t have to live for weeks and weeks staring at drab cardboard boxes.

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Mover Training

The biggest difference between Ace Moving and our competitors is that we train our movers to be mindful. They don’t spend their time planning their next job or what time they’ll get home. It doesn’t take extra time to give your move our full attention, and it makes for much happier customers, and happy customers are how we build our business.

Ace is one of the very best moving companies in the Bay Area. It’s known for giving excellent customer service and providing an easy way to have your move professionally handled. If you’re moving home, use Ace’s move service, an in-house professional moving expert that comes right to your home to do the work for you. If you’re moving across the country or to another state, Ace can get you there on time. With customer service and excellent work ethic, it’s no wonder that Ace is such a popular company! Get a Quote from Ace Moving: When you call Ace Moving, they will walk you through all of the details of your move.

Our Process in Santa Clara

We offer a moving process that’s safe, fast, affordable, and stress-free. As an independent moving business, we get to select the van size and driver that best fits your move.

Our vehicles are large, easy to drive, and 100% safe. Our drivers have commercial experience, professional licenses, and passenger-carrying permits. When they arrive at your new home, they will unload your goods and furniture into your new home. If you’re moving light items, such as kitchen appliances and electronics, we offer smaller vans. If you’re moving more substantial items, we offer the use of our truck and crew. They will load and unload all your furniture, appliances, boxes, and other items.

Reviews For Our Movers From our happy customers

At Ace, we believe in transparency, so we take the time to review every client who has ever hired us. We take the time to help the company do it too. Customer Service We offer fantastic customer service to ensure that every move gets accomplished safely and easily.

Our staff is on the other end of your line, ready to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to contact Ace Moving today.

Timothy Duncan
November 19, 2021.
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highly recommend them for their awesome service & affordable price. they know how impressed their customers with good quality services!!
Thomas Pino
November 16, 2021.
Read More
Great experience, very friendly people and very helpful.
Eduardo Hauer
November 15, 2021.
Read More
Team was prompt and professional , on time . Assisted with boxing as well as moving items. Would recommend again. Extremely satisfied
Benjamin N.
July 4, 2022.
Read More
We moved at the end of June from the East Bay to the Peninsula and the long story short is that Ace Moving (and Roberto and crew in particular) did a great job. I was scheduled to use Jay's Small Moves, but then they cancelled on us last minute without any notice (see my complaint of Jay's Small Moves on their Yelp page). I called Ace Moving only 2 days before the move and they were able to schedule us! We moved a two-bedroom and it was very efficient. Roberto and his team were especially helpful in moving delicate objects (paintings and a mirror), coming well-prepared with industrial blankets, etc. Our new place is a townhouse with 3 floors and even though there was a lot of moving up stairs, everything was very fast and careful. I will be using Ace Moving again if/when we need to move!
Kevin B
July 24, 2022
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I contacted Ace Moving only 4 days before my move and they were all class from the start. Booking my appointment was quick and easy and the quote was the most competitive of the companies I reached out to.Moving is not my favorite thing to do but Jose and the Ace crew made it a stress-free experience. The guys were very careful with my stuff and even helped pack some odds and ends.I highly recommend Ace if you're planning a move soon.
Bob L.
June 10, 2022
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Ace Moving was fantastic! Our movers Roberto, Matteo, and Elloy could not have been more professional. They were on time (and actually a bit early), moved quickly (which saved us money), incredibly respectful of our stuff (and our walls and neighbors), and also very friendly to deal with. I would 100% hire them again for a move. We had a small (1Bedroom) local move from one apartment in San Francisco to another apartment short drive away in the City in June of 2022. We packed our own stuff ahead of time and they helped us move those boxes, dissassemble and reassemble our furniture (with tools they brought), and take everything down two stories on one side, into the truck, and later up two stories on the other side. All around fantastic experience!

Our staff is on the other end of your line, ready to answer any questions you have. If you are looking for the Bay Area Moving Company or similar companies in the future, please feel free to contact us today.

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We have over 37 years of experience in this business, and we’re driven by a strong passion for doing the best job possible. Don’t take our word for it — take a peek at our reviews and see what customers say about us. When you’re looking to hire movers, having positive reviews from satisfied clients is important. Check our Top Rated Reviews.

How to Find cheap movers Santa Clara – The Best Ways To Get the Cheapest Mover Rates

Are you gonna move due to a job change, new job location, or personal reasons, moving can be a stressful experience. After all, it’s not just about packing up your things and getting them out of the house; it’s also about finding the right company to help you save money while keeping your belongings secure throughout the process.

With everything considered, it should be no surprise that finding cheap movers in Santa Clara is one of the first things on most people’s minds when they start their search. The good news is that thanks to today’s fast-paced economy and low demand for labor, you can find some great bargains when looking for affordable relocation services. In this article, we’ll cover everything from where to look for cheap movers to how to get the best deal on Santa Clara moving rates.

Where to Look for Cheap Movers in Santa Clara?

The first step in finding cheap movers is to assess your budget. You should always start by looking at the average costs that other people are paying for moving services in other areas, like San Francisco or the Bay area, and then decide how much you can afford to spend on moving. Remember that a company’s cost isn’t just based on its rates. All professional moving experts in California, United States, must comply with moving insurance and other moving costs. It’s also important to consider their service quality, convenience, and reputation.

Another great way to find a cheap moving expert is to look at reviews from previous customers who have used these companies. This will give you an idea of what kind of experience these company employees offer and what kind of services they offer for the price you’re willing to pay. If you want more information about how to find a cheap moving expert, read the rest of this article for more tips!

Research Your Options in Santa Clara

The first step in finding cheap movers is to research your options. You should start with the companies that provide you with a nationwide service. There are many different Santa Clara moving services on the market. Still, there are a few that stand out from the rest and have the reputation of being reliable and providing reasonably priced services.

It’s important to remember that these companies will charge for services like packing, loading, and unpacking. You should also look for companies with insurance policies and a stellar customer satisfaction record, like Ace Moving Co.

Hiring a Moving Company Is an Option

If you’re looking for movers in your area, you can find some pretty good deals online. Many online companies offer hourly rate quotes to help you get the most affordable option possible. Other companies provide flat rates that vary based on the size of your move. While moving companies typically charge more per hour than individuals do, the savings are worth it. If you end up hiring a San Jose moving company to help with your relocation, ask for a quote before agreeing to anything.

This will ensure that you’re not being charged any hidden fees and that everything is going according to plan. If your team isn’t taking care of all the details, like helping with packing and loading your belongings, make sure they are at least involved in transit planning, so nothing gets lost or broken while traveling from destination to destination.

Relying on the Internet for Cheaper Mover Rates

If you’re looking for cheaper movers, the internet is your best bet. Not only do you have access to a vast number of moving companies in the SF bay area, but you can find specialized services such as packing, wrapping, and unpacking. The internet offers more than just cheaper moving rates, though. You can also find resources that will help you make a more informed decision when choosing your company. For example, if you’re considering hiring a moving expert in Santa Clara but aren’t sure what neighborhoods they’ll be working in, use a search engine like Google Maps and search for “moving Santa Clara” to see what neighborhoods are most popular.

Ask Around for Reasonable Rates

One of the best ways to find cheap movers is by asking for advice. If you’re moving from one location to another, like San Jose, ask the people you already know in the new city for some ideas on where you might find good movers in Santa Clara. Researching where others have moved and how much they paid will give you an idea of your options. You can also talk to friends, family members, and coworkers who may be relocating soon.

If you’re unsure whether someone would be willing to tell you about their experience with a company, consider leaving them a message or emailing them instead so they don’t feel forced into giving information about their company. When you reach out on social media like Facebook or Twitter, it’s easier for people to respond because they won’t feel worried about getting harassed if they say no.

Keep in Mind When You’re Looking for Cheap Movers in Santa Clara

When you’re looking for the best movers, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First and foremost, most of the companies offering cheaper rates aren’t just going to be your average mom-and-pop shop. They can offer cheaper rates because they don’t have the same overhead costs that larger companies will have to cover. That means, with a few simple steps, you could be saving a lot of money on your move plans without sacrificing quality or security. Additionally, cheap movers generally come in two categories: professional and nonprofessional.

Professional movers Santa Clara are usually those who will provide a better moving experience since they have their trucks, employees, equipment, and insurance. At the same time, nonprofessionals may charge a little less but often use less-skilled labor. So don’t risk your move and choose the best mover, Ace moving Co.

We are local movers that cover the Bay area, including the San Francisco bay area, San Mateo, San Jose, and of course, Santa Clara county. If you are planning to move, we have local moving services for all your needs.

Call us. Our quotes are always free and there’s absolutely no obligation.