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Some items need special handling, but most don’t. With Ace Moving, we know that each of those items has a history. The end tables passed down from your grandparents might not be worth a lot, but they’re worth a lot to you. The masterpiece painted by your five-year-old daughter might have no monetary value, but to you it’s priceless.

Spotless, Secure


If your home is being staged before it’s sold, or if you just need a place to store your items for a short or long-while, our storage is clean, dry and very secure. Unlike with self-storage companies, you only pay for the space you use. Oh, and you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. Leave it all to us.

Save time, save money


Ace Movers offers full packing services, which if you consider the value of your own time, can save you a lot of money and it certainly saves you a lot of time. We offer full unpacking services, which means you won’t have to live for weeks and weeks staring at drab cardboard boxes.

Mover Training

Our Movers

The biggest difference between Ace Moving and our competitors is that we train our movers to be mindful. They don’t spend your time thinking of their next job or what time they’ll get home. It doesn’t take extra time to give your move our full attention, but it does make for much happier customers, and happy customers are how we build our business.

Trust your next moving to Fredericksburg tx to Ace Moving

Trust your next moving to Fredericksburg tx to Ace Moving

Along with the other top Texas cities, Fredericksburg is a great place to live and raise a family. With that in mind, it’s important to know all the things you can expect from moving to this area. From pricing and real estate market to schools and shopping, there are several factors you should think about before deciding where you want to relocate permanently.

Fortunately, Ace Moving is here to help you understand what makes Fredericksburg so great.

If you’re planning to move in the near future or are ready to sell your home, trust us – we can make your transition as smooth as possible by providing you with the best moving services possible! Moving can be a daunting prospect for anyone – even those who have moved many times before.

The process of settling into a new neighborhood is more challenging than it seems. Luckily, moving doesn’t have to be too difficult if you follow these few simple tips! Follow our guide below and Ace Moving service will take care of everything else!

Price of advice Moving to Fredericksburg, TX

Moving to Fredericksburg, TX will be more affordable than some other cities because of the low cost of living. In fact, rental prices in this area are lower than the national average. For someone who is new to the area, you’ll be able to get a feel for how much things typically cost in this city without having to spend too much money on moving and living costs. With that in mind, it’s important to know what you can expect from your moving expenses. From transportation fees to truck rental fees and labor costs, Ace affordable movers fredericksburg TX has the information you need about all the moving costs associated with relocation!

Real Estate Market in Fredericksburg, TX

Fredericksburg, Texas is one of the top cities in Texas for real estate. With its close proximity to popular cities like Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, it’s no surprise that residents enjoy the low property tax rates. In addition to this, housing prices are relatively affordable when compared with other major hubs in Texas.

If you’re looking to sell your home in Fredericksburg, you can expect a higher return on your property than anywhere else in the state!


Schools and Learning in Fredericksburg, TX

Fredericksburg is a great place for families. The school system offers excellent education and a plethora of extracurricular activities for children. The public schools in Fredericksburg are among the best in Texas, with an average SAT score of 1420, while the city itself has four Fortune 500 companies and is home to the largest military base in North America.

If you’re thinking about relocating to this area, make sure your child is excited about their new school!

Health Care in Fredericksburg, TX

The answer to this question is yes. While it might not be a top consideration for everyone, health care is definitely worth thinking about. Here are three reasons why you should make sure you’re considering this important factor in your relocation decision: In Fredericksburg, TX, the cost of living is relatively low and the quality of life is high. This means that residents don’t have to worry about how much money they need to spend on expenses like housing and food. The infrastructure in Fredericksburg, TX has been improved significantly over the past few years. It’s now easier than ever to get around town. The quality of education in Fredericksburg, TX is among the best in the nation – with some areas ranking even higher than Ivy League schools! As a result of all these factors, your children will have access to an amazing education!

Traffic and Commuting in Fredericksburg, TX

The city of Fredericksburg is split into two major areas; Old and New Town. The Old Town area is to the west, while the New Town area is to the east. The Fredericksburg TX metropolitan area has a population of approximately 34,000 people.

This makes it a smaller city in terms of size, but with a good amount of traffic because it’s a tourist destination for Texans and visitors alike! If you’re moving from outside the Houston, San Antonio or Austin TX metro areas, you are likely going to have to deal with some long commutes thanks to the lack of public transportation in this smaller city. But don’t fret – if you want peace and quiet without too much traffic on your commute, there are plenty of other nearby small cities that are a lot quieter than Fredericksburg TX!


Moving is a big decision and you want to make sure you hire the right moving company. The best way to do this is to trust your next move to Fredericksburg, TX to Ace Moving Company. We are a moving company are locally owned and operated and they have been in business since 1978. They have a great reputation in the area and in business.

Some or our services:

– Packing service.

– Excellent customer service.

– Professional mover that cater to your moving needs.

– Always! professional & trained crews.

– Always! our crew is efficient in loading / unloading.

– Always! we show up on-time for pickup / delivery.

– Move anywhere: city, suburbs, rural areas, Hill country.

– Move any size home – condos, apartments, single-family.

– Difficult or narrow access? no problem!

– Free protection! we use thick furniture blankets, floor runners and door covers.

– Included – crew comes with all moving equipment.

– Included – all expenses: taxes, tolls, moving truck.

– Hourly rates, so you control the time & budget!.

– 37 years knowledgeable & friendly staff that is always available!.

We are also licensed and insured, so you know they are reliable. You can trust your next move with Ace, the best mover among Fredericksburg moving companies.


Our Process

We offer a moving process that’s safe, fast, affordable, and stress-free. As an independent moving company, we get to select the van size and driver that best fits for your move.

Stress Free! Our vehicles are large, easy to drive, and 100% safe. Our drivers have commercial experience, professional licenses, and passenger-carrying permits. When they arrive at your new home, they will unload your goods as well as your furniture into your new home. If you’re moving light items, such as kitchen appliances and electronics, we offer smaller vans. If you’re moving more substantial items, we ha

From our happy customers

At Ace, we believe in transparency, so we take the time to review every client who has ever hired us. We take the time to help the company do it too. Customer Service We offer fantastic customer service to make sure that every move gets accomplished safely and easily.

Timothy Duncan
Timothy Duncan
November 19, 2021.
highly recommend them for their awesome service & affordable price. they know how impressed their customers with good quality services!!
Thomas Pino
Thomas Pino
November 16, 2021.
Great experience, very friendly people and very helpful.
Eduardo Hauer
Eduardo Hauer
November 15, 2021.
Team was prompt and professional , on time . Assisted with boxing as well as moving items. Would recommend again. Extremely satisfied
Jay Veach
Jay Veach
November 14, 2021.
They were just an amazing group of guys that did a fabulous and thorough and quick job. I highly recommend as these guys definitely put the all star into the all star moving company. You won’t be sorry if you choose this company.
David Davis
David Davis
November 9, 2021.
From start to finish these guys were professional and worked fast! Ace Moving team came to our place to do the estimate, he made us feel at ease and explained the whole process to us. We opted for the flat rate, which was a good call since we did a long distance move and ended up getting stuck in traffic for over two hours. The day of the move Marco showed up with his crew and managed the whole loading - he even worked too - and they were all extremely professional and worked so fast. Absolutely nothing was damaged - they put every single box exactly where we wanted it. We were very pleased with our move and would definitely hire them again.
David Roberts
David Roberts
November 8, 2021.
The crew was amazing! They showed up on time and did what they said they would do with regards to wrapping furniture with blankets and/or plastic if needed. Super polite, great personalities - would definitely recommend using Ace Moving! The office personnel was equally as professional and courteous!
October 30, 2021.
I have used this moving company twice. Both times with excellent results. The first move was moving my aging sister into a care home. They arrived on time and were very professional in their packing and moving. The second time was moving the contents of my sister out of the care home. Again they arrived on time and packed everything up and moved it without any damage. They are very professional, and I would recommend this moving company for excellent results at a reasonable cost. Roy Bostick
Kenneth Howard
Kenneth Howard
October 28, 2021.
Used for my recent move. They explained their pricing and services well. The crew called ahead and showed up on time. They were careful with my belongings and wrapped furniture pieces with moving blankets when necessary. My belongings all made it to my new home safely.
Pedro Flores
Pedro Flores
October 25, 2021.
I enjoyed working with Ace Movers; they were very professional, and courteous.

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