Why Doing Your Own Packing Might Not Save You Money

Ask nearly anyone, including us, how you can save money on your move, and the first answer will almost always be “pack yourself.” In a perfect world, you will save money by packing yourself, but you might want to ask yourself some questions first.

How busy are you?

If you have kids and dogs and a job, you might not have time to pack. Sure, having us pack for you might cost a bit extra (surprisingly, not as much as you might think), but it is a service. You probably pay for oil changes on your car. You pay restaurants to cook for you when you don’t have time. Might we also suggest you pay for professional packing services, which generally take just a day. In other words, you won’t have to suffer having hideous boxes crowding your living spaces.

How much do you earn?

Yes, that is a very personal question and absolutely none of our business, but one worth asking of yourself (we promise, we won’t ask). We can pretty much guarantee that your time is worth more than ours.

Do you have a lot of original artwork, antiques or breakables?

If you have a lot of delicate items, it’s generally a good idea to hire professional packers. Some items might require special handling, such as in wooden crates. That kind of handling does cost extra, but it’s a whole lot cheaper than trying to replace something that’s irreplaceable.

How much time do you have?

Unless you begin with a truck full of supplies in your driveway (as we have), packing can be very time consuming. Some say it takes about a single day to pack a single room, but that’s if you are able to dedicate the entire working day to packing. Of course, that doesn’t include the time spent running around getting supplies.

If after asking yourself these questions, you still feel like you want to save money, we have your back. Packing isn’t an all or nothing deal. If you find yourself running out of time, we can finish up for you. If you want your breakables professionally packed, we have you covered. Remember, it’s your move. Tell us how much or how little to do, and we’ll do it. If you want us to pack but you still want to save money, we suggest moving pictures on the walls, electronics and lamps yourself.

Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia