What to Look for in an Apartment in the Age of COVID

In a matter of months, the age of COVID has changed the world in ways that were incomprehensible less than a year ago. Today’s cellphones offer facial recognition software which is rendered useless by masks. Office buildings sit nearly empty as companies have gone virtual. A day out might include a visit to the grocery store, or maybe not. Delivery companies are the new tech boom.

Moving has changed too. Ace Moving is moving more and more people out of San Francisco and Silicon Valley and into the more remote areas. We have even moved a lot of people into Southern California and neighboring states. As they keep their San Francisco or Silicon Valley careers.

Since COVID began, people’s priorities have changed. Must-have living features just a year ago now seem burdensome or unnecessary. The logistics of moving is mostly still the same (aside from masks and other protective measures). But what people look for in their new homes is definitely different.

Less open space at home

If you’ve ever watched a home improvement show, they’ve likely hammered into your head that open concept is all the rage. Open concept means that there’s a large living area, which includes the kitchen, dining room and living room. Now, as people are working from home and children are learning from home, privacy has taken on a whole new priority. One or even two home offices, with actual doors and walls, are top on many buyers’ lists. Let’s not forget a good Zoom background wall.

More open space outside

As bars, restaurants and gyms have become more restrictive, people are heading to the great outdoors as a safe way to socialize and exercise. Homes near outdoor space are in increasing demand.

Less communal space

As COVID continues to spread, and you never know what roommates and people who share elevators might bring home, people are leaving communal and apartment living for the privacy of houses and townhouses.

Internet connection in the age of COVID

A fast internet connection has never been more important, especially for those who regularly attend Zoom meetings.

Delivery services

Delivery is the new gig economy. People now demand that grocery stores and restaurants deliver.