Rainy Day Moving – How to Protect Your Home and Possessions

Years ago, Alanis Morissette sang about the irony of rain on a wedding day. While we wouldn’t call that irony, exactly, it would be a pretty miserable situation. In the Bay Area, you can avoid rainy weddings by holding them in the summer. For most people, moving isn’t quite as flexible. Sometimes, you gotta move when you gotta move. That’s okay, though. Ace Moving (literally) has you covered for your local move, rain or shine. There are some things you can do to help protect your home and your possessions for rainy day moving.

Cover the floors

If you can, throw some towels or blankets on the floor. Now is not the time to try to save money by having too few movers. It’s best if you can have a mover who can pass boxes from the inside to the outside, keeping the outside movers outside.

Make room for the truck to park close

You’ll want the truck to park as close to your door as possible. If possible, the truck should back up to your front porch, although we realize that isn’t possible too often.

Protect the boxes for rainy day moving

If you are packing for yourself, you can save time on the move if you protect the boxes with shrink wrap. We’re always prepared with lots of shrink wrap, but it will speed up the move, and therefore save you some money, if you shrink wrap the boxes yourself.

How we handle rainy day moving

There’s a reason we didn’t include a lot of rainy day moving tips. Like Boy Scouts, we come prepared. We wear shoe covers to keep us from tracking mud inside your home. As we already mentioned, we bring lots of extra shrink wrap for both boxes and furniture. We can throw some moving blankets on the floor. If you have carpet in the house, ask us to bring carpet protectors.