How To Plan For Moving Day

You found your new home. You have hired a mover. You’ve been packing for what feels like an eternity. Ironically, though, one of the most neglected parts of the moving process is the moving day itself. You can save a lot of time (and money) on your move if you arrange for these things in advance:

Reserve parking

The moving truck will require at least two normal car-sized parking spaces. You may want to ask the city for a day permit. There will be a small price tag, but it’s definitely worth it if you consider the time the movers will spend going from several yards to your home to your front door. Don’t forget to do the same at your delivery address.

Reserve the elevator and loading dock

If you live in an apartment building with an elevator and a loading dock, you might be required to reserve them both. Ask your moving consultant how many hours you should reserve, although all day might be best. Again, do the same at your delivery address.

Don’t turn off the utilities

You’ll need lights at both the pick-up address and the delivery address. Schedule the shut-off at your old place for at least a day after your move. If you plan on going back to clean up, make it a couple of days.

Clear a space

Try to make a clear shot through your home and to the truck for the movers. The movers can do it, but it will add a bit of time to your move.

Separate items to move yourself

There are certain items that can’t be moved by movers. These include anything perishable (food), corrosive (paint and many cleaning supplies) or explosive (propane tanks or yard tools with full gasoline tanks). It also includes valuable jewellery and important paperwork such as birth certificates and titles and deeds. You also want to put aside any cleaning supplies that you will need after the move, such as your broom and vacuum.

Empty the trash

This may seem silly or obvious, but empty the trash before the moving day comes, Sometimes trash isn’t obvious, and could accidentally get packed.