A Step By Step Guide For What A ‘White Glove’ Move Looks Like

The vast majority of callers to Ace Moving have one question: How much will the move cost? That answer varies, depending on how big your home is and how chock full of stuff it is. What many of our callers might not know, though, is how we can save people money in ways they might not expect, and make their lives a whole lot easier.

When most people think of a full service “white glove” move, they see $$$ signs. They aren’t entirely wrong. White glove moves do cost more money than pack-it-yourself moves, but in the long run, they end up saving most people money. Let’s take a look at what is involved in a white glove move.

In-person or virtual in-person walkthrough

While most Ace moves are billed by the hour, a white-glove move is a bit more complicated, and it needs a full walkthrough. During COVID times, our estimators use FaceTime or Zoom as their way of virtually seeing your home. First (or perhaps last), the estimator will want to look at your entryway to ensure it’s an easy trek to the moving truck.

When it’s time to look inside the house, they’ll ask to see every room. They’ll also ask you to open your closets and cupboards to calculate how many boxes the movers will need to bring. They’ll also need to see how many drawers you have. And don’t forget the basement, attic, garage and outdoors. If there are items that need crating, such as valuable artwork or glass or marble tabletops, the estimator will need measurements.

Possible walkthrough with moving foreman

Once the move is booked, if the move is complicated enough, it will require a walkthrough with the foreman so he can know what to expect on moving day. This may be done in person.

White glove move day one

The first scheduled day will likely be reserved for packing. A packing crew may or may not be the same as the moving crew, although you’ll usually have the same foreman throughout the job. If any items are loaded onto the truck on day one, they will remain on the truck overnight in our secure facility.

White glove move day two

In most cases, transporting your goods from your old home to your new starts on day two. Some white-glove moves require two days of packing, but that’s only for larger homes or for moves that require a lot of special handling. There are exceptions, but generally, you can expect delivery in your new home on day two. At that point, we will set up your bed and any necessities but leave the unpacking for day three.

White glove move day three

Moving day three is unpacking day. We will take every box into its proper room and take everything out of the boxes. Once everything is unpacked, we will remove all packing materials…as if we’ve never been there. Your new home will be ready for you to decorate.

Yes, white-glove moves cost more than a straight, by the hour move. To make it easier for you, we usually quote an hourly price, but one that includes all materials. On the surface, it is more expensive.

We get that for many of our clients, saving money is important. In many cases, they find that once they calculate in their own time, our services might save them money.

Also, who can beat moving without lifting a finger? It sounds like a dream come true. If nothing else, ask us about our packing and unpacking services. Many opt for something in the middle, like us packing the difficult items.