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Berkeley is one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the Bay Area, if not the entire state of California. During the Vietnam War, Berkeley, just across the Bay from San Francisco, CA, made its name as one of the epicenters of political protest. Not much has changed. Berkeley is still a hub of social activism.

Something else has been happening in Berkeley in recent years. Over the last several years, Berkeley has become a very popular Ace Moving destination. Berkeley is a beautiful city. The famous Berkeley hills overlook the University of California’s flagship campus.

Berkeley isn’t just a college town, though. People from all walks of life, including tech professionals, call Berkeley home. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, though, Berkeley has been thriving in popularity.

Why is Berkeley a popular Ace Moving destination?

As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, people are moving out of bigger cities like San Francisco and San Jose, CA, and into smaller Bay Area cities like Berkeley. For people who have the privilege of remote work, Berkeley is a perfect moving destination. The wifi is great and there are tons of locally owned coffee shops in the area with free wifi.

To be fair, homes in Berkeley aren’t exactly cheap, but compared to San Francisco and other Bay Area cities, you can find some near bargains.

Why does Berkeley love Ace Moving?

We can’t say for sure why Berkeley loves Ace Moving, but our five-star reputation has to be part of it. We also think we have a lot in common with Berkeley. We’re a small, family-owned moving company. We’ve been in business since 1984 and we still do things pretty much the way we did back then.

We offer honest quotes. Our moving consultants are trained to listen to customers. We know that every move is different and we know some of the challenges of moving in Berkeley, such as narrow one-way streets and hills.

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What sort of services does Ace Moving offer?

While we are small by design, we are an almost full-service moving company. We offer local moves within Berkeley and all of the East Bay. We also know our limits. Unlike the majority of moving companies (including the big guys), we don’t outsource moving services. That means we only service the immediate areas. We can move you anywhere within California and to our neighboring states of Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.

What if I can’t finish packing?

If you want to pack everything, great! We’ll deliver all the boxes you need with no delivery fee. If you don’t have time to finish everything, that’s fine too. Ace Moving company will pack everything you haven’t finished, or we can pack everything for you. It’s completely up to you. We can even unpack if you want. Imagine being settled into your new place without lifting a finger.

What if my place isn’t ready to move into?

If you need to be out of your old place and your new one isn’t ready, or if you are staging your home before your move, we can move your furniture and other household goods into our clean, secure storage facility. We will do all the heavy lifting. Your items will remain protected while in storage, and unlike most other kinds of storage, you will only pay for the space you use.

Is it safe to move right now?

We get that COVID-19 has changed pretty much everything, but at Ace Moving, we have you covered. Maybe it’s more realistic to say that at Ace Moving, we cover ourselves. Our movers will come prepared with masks and gloves, and of course, we’ll social distance.

If you have a move coming up in the near or even distant future, give us a call. We’re sure you’ll be impressed.


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